The First Hello & Riverside Wandering

Hi, I honestly don’t know how to start off first blog posts but this isn’t technically my first time so yeah, hi I’m back on a different site. I figured having the same username everywhere is much easier for people to remember and Blogger didn’t have my user. So here I am.  It is only correct of me to (re)introduce myself to you.

I’m Leticia (pronounced ler-tee-sher, I know the many thousand ways to pronounce my name but I like it like that.) I’m almsot 15 (because I only turn 15 in November), I’m obviously a full time student. I’m in Secondary 3. A fun fact about me is that my eyes are brown, they turn black or a lighter shde of brown depending on my mood. As i grow older, my eye colour would turn a lighter shade of brown (but it’d stay brown till the day I die haha).

Now, on to the adventures at Clarke Quay with Jialing. Jialing has been my friend since Secondary 1, we became classmates this year. Jialing takes photography in the school newsletter club as her CCA so yes, she bought her camera with her. She used a Canon EOS 650D, I used my iPhone 5, because my camera was rather heavy for me to place in my already too heavy bag.

If you wanna know more about Clarke Quay, go to Wikipedia. I am unable to give a full length essay on that. To me, Clarke Quay is the place I never really frequent unless my family has a purpose to go there for (largely involving food) but other than that, I never really go there. (I do however, frequent the MRT stop before it, called Dhoby Gaut. No shame.)

Clarke Quay is a rather well known tourist spot, home to many of Singapore’s nightclubs and great dining houses. But in this little wander around, Jialing and I appreciate the colours, architechture and beauty of Clarke Quay, a rather underappreicated spot of ours.

The corridors that line the shophouses of Clarke Quay.
The colours of Clarke Quay are nice and vibrant, something cheerful.
Flingin’ that cardigan around. Outfit Details: Top – Some market in Seoul Jeans & Cardigan – Forever21 Shoes – Rubi Bag – New Look on ASOS
Clinging onto my one true love, Poley.
the sky was really pretty, the temperature may have been a 30 degrees Celcius, but can I just say the weather was literally perfect?! Thank you Singapore.
The wind casually doing great things to my hair.
Jialing never tells me when she gets shots like this. My hair was uncontrolled.


That’s all I have for now, till next time!

With Love.


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