Autumn In Summer

Now now, Singapore’s weather is at this stage where it doesn’t really know whether it’ll be 20 degrees (where I will be bringing my cardigan even to the toilet), or scorching hot (until you can fry an egg on the ground and there’s a beautiful sweat patch on your back). The rest of the world (except tropical climate countries and Oceania) is experiencing something beautiful called autumn.

Then, why autumn in summer? Simple, it is the shortened form of dressing autumn/winter-ish in a summery weather, but still managing to survive in sweltering heat. Autumn/winter dresing don’t necessarily mean layering and lots of coats on top of each other, it can also mean darker hues in clothing, makeup, etc.

As much as I’d like to pull out my Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107, I figured I’d leave it til next time when my lips are in its primest form, not cracking, not dry, but nice enough. Therefore, you can pull out the dark lipstick if you wish. It’s fun to play with, and autumn/winter dressing is your perfect excuse to pull it out.

If not now, when? 

My mom is against me in a lot of black, this is due to the fact that too much black clothing makes me my tall and lanky figure (as I would like to clarify, runs in my genes) much thinner (I have no other word) than I already am. But this time, it was okay for me to pull out a white t-shirt with a black center, black jeans and my favourite (I have only worn it once but) chelsea boots.

I cannot help but emphasise my love for chelsea boots. They go with just about anything, I see myself pairing a nice outft and stepping up my outfit game with these. Yes, they’re simple. But they step up your outfit game. Simplicity is key.

I’d definitely be pulling out darker grey, blue and reds out of my wardrobe (and maybe my mom’s if she’d like to hand me down things that I’d gladly accept), I mean, fashion has no rules.

Do what you want, wear what you want. 


There are so many places I love in Singapore and one of them has to be Changi Airport. 3 terminals, of which I have never taken a flight from Terminal 3 or even had my flight land at (or is it in?) Terminal 3. The newest terminal (new as in since 2008), Terminal 3 has nice, simplisitic interior that looked like not much effort was needed to create this. And that’s what I like.




Bringing the hair flip from the early half of 2014. Yes it’s back, tell a friend.







Treggings: H&M (in Tokyo 2013)


Socks (if you actually saw them, good job): H&M (similar also from H&M)

One of my favourite photos with Cammie.


Special thanks to my beloved Jialing for taking photos for me again, this blog is nothing without you.


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