What To Do With Daylight

Hello! It has beeen ages since my last blog post and I am beyond sorry for being missing without notice. I have apparently lost my camera charger either in the midst of travelling, or I have just misplaced it, the latter being a typical thing I’d do. Now let’s get into the swing of things.

First things first, (I’m the realist), Happy New Year! It’s 2015 already, 2014 felt like it meant nothing. 2014 was a whirldwind of everything life could hurl at me. 2015 will test my academic ability through the GCE O Level Examinations. I have to be real with you, I am scared. I used to say I fear nothing, but to relive the stress that is probably quardruple the times from PSLE, I will choose to shun it completely.

Now let’s not ramble about the stress the exams will give me. I’ll update you on what I have done in the holidays (other than study and slumping off my sofa and pay myself all the sleep i have lost the whole of 2014). I fulfilled my 2014 resolution: to read more. I love physical books, books that you hold in your hand, but somehow I have been introduced to something on Wattpad that finally wasn’t fanfiction (kill me now). I have read around seven e-books on Wattpad. The most recent physical book I have read (yet to complete I don’t even know why) is Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern, which is also the movie called Love, Rosie which stars Lily Collins and Sam Claflin (er yes to Lily and Sam anyday).

My favourites being The Quirky Tale of April Hale by demonicblackcat. This book HAS my heart. Completely. It’s something different for me, all I read is the oh badboy who hates her never notices her oh let’s fall in love kind of crap. I love that kind of crap I am serious. It’s still the badboy crap that i’m into but it’s different. I tahnk my best friend Claris(sa) for ruining my life by letting this amazing book enter my life.

Another favourite is Saving Elliot by northbynorth, sure I get tired seeing Francisco Lachowski star in every book I have read (three and counting), but it’s alright, I guess. A story about two Elliots, told from girl Elliot’s point of view, I have to admit, there is something about it that made me love it, maybe because Elliot (girl one)’s temper resembled mine, haha.

I think one of the most exciting things for me was travelling. A lot of things happened in my life throughout 2014 many of which were too much to handle and there were so many occasions I nearly booked myself an air ticket to London, a place that my heart wanted some sort of solace from and yearned for me to be there, but I was holding it all in till my two trips to the amazing cities of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Brisbane/Gold Coast, Australia. I will be uploading my vlogs from both of these trips really soon so stick around on my personal Youtube.

I loved Vietnam thoroughly, the food was a lot to handle I fully admit to that, but the people there  were so nice and always gave me a sense of warmth and belonging despite the language barrier between us.

I have been to Brisbane/Gold Coast, I went five years ago. Brisbane was only a city my family drove past, we only landed there and it was just a place we picked our car up. I went into Brisbane city to meet one of my many Australian friends, Maddy. I have never travelled so far to meet someone and it was a very surreal day, there wasn’t a tinge of awkwarness between us, it’s like we have known each other forever. I could’ve also met my only blonde friend (the abundance of blonde girls in Brisbane Airport made me actually shocked I admit), Hayley, but unfortunately she was down in New South Wales for Christmas. I thoroughly enjoyed Australia, maybe age does matter, knowledge matters, I enjoyed my revisit to Brisbane/Gold Coast.

Now after so much updating, it’s time to move on to what I really made this blog post about. LASALLE College of The Arts. I visited the school in view of its open house on Saturday (17 January 2015) along with Maxine, Derek, Cammie, Jialing and Sheene.

I rally adored the structures that made LaSalle, LaSalle.

We were excited, to be very honest, for me I was excited too, considering I missed every polytechnic and junior college’s open house from the past week. LASALLE is a school specially catered for the arts (duh!) and the only art form that I would probably be able to pursue in LASALLE is theatre or something theatre related considering I am from Drama, I do it for a co curricular activity (CCA). But let’s be real here, it’ll take a miracle for that to happen.

(L-R) Cammie, Maxine and Jialing looking at some photography and poetry books in one of LaSalle’s in house stores, called work space.
Layouts of items in LaSalle’s in house store, McNally&Co.

I named this post “What To Do With Daylight” after Brooke Fraser’s debut album in view of the choices I choose to make before the year ends. I’m out of school before the sun sets most ofthe time and mostly I spend my remaining time in secondary school thinking what to do with my future, in this case, daylight. Before the sun sets, I have to make a decision.

This solemn photo suited this part of my post. *dry laugh*

This year, I am Secondary Four. I’ll be taking my O Levels in like five months? Nine months? Time will fly past me, I swear. I’m barely done with January and every teacher is making us (the Secondary 4 cohort) make a choice of what we want to do in the future with the future. I have always told myself, “Get into junior college, take your A levels no matter what. Gets you into university better.” But now I look at what I’ve told myslf since forever and I’m like, “Is this how I want it? My grades are a far cry from getting me into JC, let alone Poly.”

And here’s my resolution for the year 2015 (still very surreal),

Make yourself content with whatever you do, make sure what you do is something you can be proud of.

Whether I make it or not, it’s up to me now.

After so much getting all deep and making life decisions, here are some more photos related to my LASALLE Open House Visit.


We chose to pose in front of the live performers. Gained some attention right there.
The ground was very very rough.

I am very excited for many things I have been working on with other people (some with Jialing). And I am bursting to tell you about it but I’ll keep it a secret till my next post…

What are you doing with daylight? 

As my Social Studies teacher told my class,

Carpe diem (Seize the day).

With Love.


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