Out Of The Woods

First things first, Happy Chinese New Year to all my fellow chinese people! 新年快乐,恭喜发财!

It’s the Year of the Goat and as you read this I’m probably stuffing myself full to the brim with all the new year goodies (my favourites being bak kwa 肉干 and love letters 蛋卷) in my other home, Malaysia. I honestly love Chinese New Year, I see relatives that I only see yearly and everyone is happy there. But what I do not like is coming home to a whole bunch of tests and everything in Secondary four going all out, in full force. What comforts me most is knowing that once I finish my O Levels, I am a free girl.

These bunch of photos are categorised into the one where I see a lot of light blue and grey in. The sun was preparing to set and the sky fell into a light blue that is almost white. Jialing and I had already wandered deeper into this foreign surrounding and we’re greeted by a grey path.

Whilst taking photos, we occasionally come across cyclists, the entirety of our time was spent checking where the dog barks were coming from and why they kept coming closer, when the sun will set, it was said to set at 7.40pm that day, we were already at 7.25pm by then. It was frantic.  But trust me, this post won’t be frantic. It’s lighthearted, there wasn’t anything we weere focusing on at the point of the shoot. “Leticia just walks, spins and spins.” there was no direction in this.

Also, thank you for the positive reviews on the photography and all from my previous post and on the photos I posted on Instagram, these comments mean alot, whether you typed them out or personally told us. Thank youuuuuuuuu. Enjoy your lighthearted dose of photos for Chinese New Year. This is the cue to be playing Out Of The Woods by Taylor Swift. If it isn’t obvious enough that our choice album to play throughout the shoot was 1989, what is obvious enough?









See you next week for the last instalment of this shoot, that will focus on close ups and a lot, I do honestly mean a lot of greenery, the colour green, shades of green, good amounts of the sky colour changing (does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes?) Bet you’ve yet to get sick of that colour green, it’s so relaxing for the eyes. See you next week!

With Love.


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