Dear March 2015

Hello, this may just be a new segment of my blog where I reflect on my month, giving you a lengthy blog post on my favourite events that have happened this month, what I loved, what bothered me whatsoever. Dear (insert month here)  is a place where I can hopefully post more and give you more insight on things in my life, Dear (insert month here) should go up every first day ot each month, it is not a long time thing, I still have my studies to focus on and I will just do it whenever possible. Grab a cuppa/tea and stick around, this is gonna be one long journey . This is a bit of a photo diary and recollection of certain events which I already know will be a pain for your eyes to read so I do recommend having eye drop on standby.

Dear March,

Let’s start with certain events and start backwards. I prefer to experience something bad first then experience something good. What’s enjoying the good without experiencing the bad? This is about the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew on 23 March 2015, who was Singapore’s first Prime Minister, Founding Father, Creator of modern Singapore, a well respected person whether locally or international and also, father to our current (our third) Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong. His passing has sent most of Singapore into mourning and grief. It is overwhelming to see Singaporeans break down and cry for the loss of such an important figure in the shaping of Singapore.

Hundreds of thousands flock to Parliament House to pay their respects, and my friends and I joined the queue at the Padang at around 9pm on March 27th, Friday, after a long day at school that ended at 6pm, along with sixty McDonald’s chicken nuggets, sixteen JCo donuts (wchich we ate before heading towards the Padang), we were raring to go. We settled down on a spot where they cordoned off and we sat there till 4am, occasionally napping (and hallucinating of mine) here and there. We finally moved at 4am, after many toilet breaks, and digesting of snacks and fruits. Much confusion was caused about the movement in the queue, and thus we chose to settle down, Jialing, Cammie and I admired the clouds, making out the shapes of them (ranging from a pegasus to a camel) before having the best nap of dawn to Jialing’s very peaceful “sleep” playlist.



The journey next was filled with our droopy eyes and zombie apocalypse walking. When we finally reached Parliament House at 6.20am, there was a surge of unexplainable joy among us. There were many occasions where we thought about giving up, everyone was telling us, “It’s the thought of that counts” but then we thought about how this man gave Singapore almost all his life of irregular sleeping hours, us staying 90% of the time awake for 10 hours straight is the least we could do. We may not have been the generation to have seen his revolution, but we know what he has done for our country.

baby’s breath and white roses, our love for Mr Lee.
What is Cammie even doing?

The affair was a 10 seconds thing, bow, tip toe a bit to see his coffin and go. It was brief, but being in the same room as him was good enough for me. After about 26 hours of being awake, we went home and got our well deserved rest. I am so proud of us for gaining such an experience and being able to stay positive and go on with the journey although we were literally the definition of exhausted.

There are two other events left for me to talk about and they coincidentally fall on the same day: 11 March 2015, Wednesday. The first event happened in the morning to afternoon, was my school’s Social Etiquette workshop. Although I was having a fashion disaster and dilemma the night before, my mom managed to save me and lent me a a low back sleeveless black dress she adored but never really had the chance to wear. Cammie on the other hand lent me a longline cardigan as we were not really allowed to wear sleeveless dresses, and low back outfits (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I paired my all black outfit with the simple curved bar necklace that you see me wear all the time. I had fun, but I wasn’t all that comfortable to be in all black (I prefer wearing white), but i think that what I’ll remember from here is all of my friends going back to their usual dining habits when the teacher doesn’t look at us.


IMG_4414 IMG_4441 Late into the evening,  I attended the One Direction On The Road Again alongside my brother (I had no choice honestly) at the National Stadium and honestly it was an experience of a lifetime, and I was honestly beyond happy to have shared a once in a lifetime experience (now that we all know Zayn has left) with my beloved two best friends Joanna and Lixuan. I am eternally grateful that Joanna is able to frequently (sometimes occasionally) come to Singapore, making a long distance friendship ever so bearable. Maybe this year will see that our schedules permit and Sascha and Joanna finally round up here in Singapore and we get a full meeting.


I am someone with a couple of long distance friendships (hello to my beloved frinds down under) and sometimes they are hard, there are times when I need my friends around and I realise we’re like a thousand miles apart and texts don’t just work. It is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder and I know one thing I will continue doing: Treasure every moment whenever these friends are around as if I first met them.

And what have I learnt in March? A couple of things.

One, the fact that I lack time. Adapted from an email to another long distance friend, Jane (whom I affectionately prefer to call by her middle name),

“I wish my mind realised I lack time. For the next nine months, I will lack time.

For the next nine months, I need to work my butt off. I need to study. I need to make a difference in my life. I need this, I need this bunch of grades to shape my future. Getting a bunch of “FAIL!”s won’t do. Getting a “Well Done!” “Keep Going!” will. I need to understand that NO ONE will wait, no one will be in “this” with you. No one is willing to fail with you. I need to understand that my future is mine to have, mine to conquer and mine to change.”

Another thing I’ve learnt? The art of cherishing. It’s simple, but easier said than done. Take family for an example, broken, but yet there are still fragments, it isn’t entirely broken, these fragments just think they belong to some other masterpiece. And as that masterpiece is still in the works, I’ll cherish the fragments, the small pieces that make the family I love and loved. 

In all of March’s brutal honesty and storms we have braved, what has March taught you? I’d love to know. 

With Love,



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