Poems For & To An Amazing Man

Hello! Recently I’ve been getting myself back into the gist of (song)writing. But before we get into that, let’s get into two poems I wrote in Literature to express my feelings towards the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his contributionsto Singapore. Somehow these two poems went from my Literature teacher, slowly found its way to my English Head of Department (HOD) and even the principal. Oh god.


How come it’s only when we lose someone,

then we realise he gave everyone,

a place to call HOME?

How come it’s only when we lose someone,

then we realise his contributions meant a ton?

How come it’s only when we lose someone,

we miss his habits,

every single one,his presence being all around,

yet when he’s around,

we overlook every single one.

Look around you,

the houses



and so much more are his gifts to everyone,

but his gift to himself was just one,

giving up a lifetime. his life for a successful Singapore. 

for us – his daughters and sons. 


Italic: correction by my teacher

Strike through: original sentence.


He foten told us, “Learn.”

W were learning to be our nation’s future,

He was learnng to be our nation’s answer.

We were learning to be filial children,

He was learning to be ther father of a nation,

at the same time, a father to his children.

But now he’s gone, we learn his legacy.

We learn the lessons we learnt,

and treat them like gold.

But among the lessons we learnt,

one thing stays golden,

his will to learn.

What did you love most about Mr Lee?

With Love.

 R.I.P. Mr Lee Kuan Yew (16 September 1923-23 March 2015)


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