Dear April 2015

Hello, welcome to yet another Dear (insert month here). I have been holding off posting a dear April as I honestly don’t know what to write, but apparently April was a month full of events.

Dear April,

April was a whirlwind of a month that somehow ended too fast and threw me into May. I hate May with a burning passion. May spelt a few things: Mid-Year Exams, a month closer to my Chinese O Level, May purely spelt disastrous.

April, itself spelt a few things. Weather-wise, it spelt hot plus scorching afternoons, thunderstorms out of complete nowhere, showers that last shorter than you blinking, April is a weather disaster (pun here, reference to fashion disaster). April is where the Singaporean weather tries to find its place and what it intends to do to us. April is Singaporean weather’s doubt. I think it is coming to a point where every Dear (insert month here) includes a monthly weather report (Did I report on the weather in March?). Times like this I wonder why I never chose to do well in Geography.

Yet, April, despite giving disastrous weather (disastrous is the word of the post, reference to man of the match in sports, so much Literature going on, I obviously have no chill), had its great side. Alongside February and October, April is when I call it quits with my money. April meant birthdays, Cammie and Maxine’s to be all specific. And honestly, as a goood friend, would I not choose to spoil them along with my other friends?

Maxine’s birthday came first, though we celebrated two days later on the 18th, the actual day being the 16th. See the coincidence yet? Maxine turned 16 on the 16th of April. Maxine had a pool party and I have never felt more at home than with water. I love swimming, as bad chlorine is for my eczema and already dehydrated skin, I loved it. Maxine’s party was chilled and relaxed, honestly what we needed when all we engrossed ourselves in our O Level Art Coursework. Trust me, you’re gonna read the word O Level a lot on this blog until it’s out of my life and I get my results. (That’s the only word that occupies my mind anyway) If you wish to see her birthday in true life motion, I’ll pop the link to her birthday vlog here.


[The photo beside Maxine’s individual photo (which is taken by Jialing if you cannot already tell from the beauty of that photo also in Maxine herself )(I always diss her so let me compliment the woman for once) is a group photo from Cammie’s birthday, from Maxine’s camera]

The next birthday is Cammie, which falls on the 26th. We celebrated on the actual day itself, considering it was a Sunday. Some of our friends (I wasn’t in it, in case I misinterpreted my sentence, a very frequent occurence nowadays, can’t express) went to her house beforehand to give her the present all of us (including some of her closest friends from other classes) contributed to. That was my greatest delight. I vlogged this birthday too, watch here.

IMG_5274IMG_5196IMG_5277IMG_5278 IMG_5338IMG_5236 IMG_5344IMG_5343

As I watch each of my friends grow a bit older, I wonder if one day, will we ever be what we promised my brother this one time, “We will be mature.” But in all true honesty, don’t you always tend to lose a bit of sanity when you’re with your friends? Don’t friends always make you feel more…relaxed, yourself and many other wonderful feelings? Friends bring out the better person in you, that I have always believed. Throughout the years I always debated with my inner mind voices, asking whether certain people are worth keeping in my life. I think that at this point of time, at fifteen years and seven months of age, I can safely say I think I have found the friends I want to know forever. I have a great group of friends, whether they are here, in Singapore or three thousand miles away from me, I think that the friends I have now are truly the ones I always want to know and I don’t ever want our friendships to be changed, whether we part ways when next year comes, they (or me) go further or whatever else that can happen. And in spite of all the days I send shouty capitals (in honour of me reading the two books in the Fifty Shades trilogy, I present to you a reference and many more to come), I cannot phrase my sentences well, my PMS-You-Should-Go-Away times, all that jazz, I hope they feel the same.

And there came my mom’s birthday, on the 29th. My brother and I had to lie our way through so as to not break the surprise. Honestly, she didn’t expect it. It was a celebration of many things, my mom gaining Singapore citizenship after more than half her life in Singapore, everything. I enjoyed the place we ate at, I don’t really know the café’s name anymore but I know that it facing a place called Hill Street, it is near City Hall MRT, it is within the compounds of Grand Park City Hall I think. They do not serve full on main course meals, more of small portion “finger food”? I’m not quite cut out to ever be a food blogger as you can see.

As I dive into my exams for the next one week or so, I hope you enjoyed your April. I hope May has been good to you so far. Till next time.

With Love.


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