even if

I haven’t shared a piece of writing in some time  and I thought I would share one of my proudest works to date (yes I’m throwing that claim out there). When I was looking for a featured image to put on here, I had nothing. Did I really have nothing when I had Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, one of television’s best couples of all time? They have been through a lot together and individually, and maybe their relationship can be slightly seen through this piece of writing. I hope you like it as much as I do.  


even if

we see the stars from different parts of the world,

i hope we’re looking at the same star,

the biggest and the brightest one.

cause once upon a time

we believed the stars would tell us the stories

that we tried to hide from the sun.


even if

we’re no longer seeing red,

or if all i feel is blue,

i know i’ll be green with envy of those feeling happy

while you’re punching the walls so deeply,

they’ve been permanently indented, now let them be

i’m sure that when the sun sets into a dark purple blanket,

we’d be holding each other’s faces,

tear soaked and red eyed,

wiping each other’s tears with our thumbs;

and we’d swear that we loved to the moon and back

cause our constellation of stars just aligned

and our myriad of colours are fusing.


even if

we’re on different ends of an ocean,

and the sand you sit on doesn’t compare to the one back home

i hope that you haven’t done anything that your mind tells you no.

cause i know you put your heart on your sleeve,

just to have it broken on the floor

by a girl who doesn’t know you’re gold.

and you’d come running home,

telling me you haven’t been more careful,

and you’ve been hoping that i’d be your saving grace

and the one keeping your head above the water.


even if

we break apart and decide we no longer fit,

we’ve still got each other dead knotted without knowing,

arms trying to push each other away,

heartstrings tangled in a million different ways.

kill my heart and hold it in your hands,

i know your heart would feel a distinctive ache for this dead heart,

that your mind will reach out to protect my heart in your heart.

because you can never ever break away from me,

since our souls are intertwined like the way you hold my hand,

our hearts hold each other like the way you have me in your embrace.


With Love.


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